Revolutionising Corporate Farming

Bringing Food Security to Pakistan through 
Modern Mechanized Farming, Resource Conservation, 
and Global Collaboration

Faced with challenge of sustained gas supply, Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) with its allied vistas opens new avenues for FF, through which following objectives can be achieved:
 a. Leveraging on the new incentives of the government for CAF, diversify into sustainable and productive business by undertaking corporate farming and associated agri-business through value addition for export and contributing for national food security.
 b. Increase efficiency of production and income/ revenue by bringing together agriculture production, processing and marketing activities (whole eco-system) under the management of the corporate entity.
Exploit the agri-services potential with the help of already available agri-products and building on high-tech machinery to provide reliable and reputed agri-services, thereby enhancing FF’s footprint and additional profits.


Fauji Foundation is a growth-driven organization with a strategically diversified portfolio. With successful operations across multiple industries such as fertilizer, cement, power generation, and marine terminals, Fauji Foundation has paved the way for other organizations to follow in its footsteps. 

Being one of the largest business conglomerates, FonGrow is Fauji Foundation’s newest project aimed at securing a better future for food production in Pakistan.

Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) has been globally increasing in popularity and FonGrow aims to make it a norm in Pakistan. With a focused approach, we are committed to bringing modern agricultural practices, seed research and development, and better access to information and machinery to small-scale farmers all across Pakistan.

Encouraged by the incentives provided by the government for Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF), and the need for sustainable and efficient food production, FonGrow was created as a means to allow the people of Pakistan a greener future.

Our Vision

Leveraging on the high-tech agri-facilities and modern practices, develop large-scale corporate farms and value-added agro-eco system in order to contribute to the food security of Pakistan while also ensuring good agri-business for Fauji Foundation.

Core Values

We believe our integrity is characterized by consistency in actions, values, methods, measures, and principles.


Humility allows us to be open to learning and growth, and it helps us to build strong relationships with others. 


Helps to create a positive and inclusive culture, which can in turn lead to better teamwork, higher employee satisfaction, and improved customer relationships.


We are focused on finding ways to streamline processes and eliminate waste, which can help to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line.

Our Partners

Leadership & Governance

Our Leadership

Lt. General Muhammed Asim Malik, HI (M) Adjutant General Pakistan Army

Chairman Committee of Administration Fauji Foundation

Lt. General Anwar Ali Hyder, HI(M) (Retd)

Managing Director & CEO, Fauji Foundation

Screenshot 2023-12-27 123441
Mr. Muhammad Ahsan

COO FonGrow

Board of Directors

Lt. General Anwar Ali Hyder, HI(M) (Retd)

Managing Director & CEO, Fauji Foundation​

Lt Gen Bilal Akbar, HI(M) (Retd) 1
Lt. General Bilal Akbar, HI (M) (Retd)


Core Team

Mr. Syed Bakhtiyar Kazmi

Chief Executive Officer

Screenshot 2023-12-27 123441
Mr. Muhammad Ahsan

Chief Operating Officer

Col Kashif 1
Col Rai Kashif Amin Khan, Retd

Company Secretary

Mrs. Ammara Zakriya

Chief Finance Officer

Colonel Dr. Muhammad Javed Islam(Retd)

General Manager Farms

Mr. Muhammad Zahid Aziz

Manager BD, Pln, & SC