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Leveraging on the hightech agri-facilities and modern practices, develop large scale corporate farms and value added agro-eco system in order to contribute to food security of Pakistan while also ensuring good agri-business for Fauji Foundation.

Perowal-Khanewal Farms

Established: 2022

Located in Southern Punjab, this farmland has been acquired in an effort to establish a ‘testbed’ for developing  procedures and protocols for high grade-high yielding, smart and mechanised farming in Pakistan. Being first of its kind, this is aimed to set new standards of farming and open new vistas. After rigorous rounds of surveying and planning, the Perowal-Khanewal Farm is now in its final stages of development with seeding set to start in early 2023.

Acres Acquired

Nukerji Farms

Established: 1952

Established in 1952, Nukerjee Farms is a seed research and development farm that has been actively working on developing seeds that are 
better at resisting disease and have higher yields of crops
that are 
more uniform in shape and size.


Acres Acquired


Thal-Mankera Farms

To be established soon

Based on the experience gained from our ‘testbed’ Khanewal Farm, FonGrow/ Fauji Foundation has plans to upscale the effort to significantly contribute to food security of Pakistan and achieve considerable import substitution. For the purpose, lands in Thal desert area have been identified to establish corporate farms over more than 30,000 acres over next 5 years for cotton, wheat, pulses, oil crops and rhodes grass.

For the purpose, FonGrow/ Fauji Foundation is developing plans to establish first farm near Mankera over approx 10,000 acres. This farm will be based on corporate model, taking advantage of all latest technologies like Centre Pivot High Efficiency Irrigation System,  High capacity Tractors  with Zero Tillage Implements, Soil and Weather Sensors, Smart Surveillance and Spray Systems based on Drones and Combine Harvester Machines; all managed through state of the art Farm Management System.

Besides FonGrow/ Fauji Foundation also plans to set-up crop processing facilities in order to achieve value addition. This shall not only usher-in an era of new / modern agriculture, this will also result in significant progress and growth in the area besides providing hundreds of jobs.

Acres to be Acquired