Mr Syed Bakhtiyar Kazmi

With over 35 years of experience in a variety of sectorial and functional strata within national and
regional economies, Mr. Kazmi is a distinguished fellow chartered accountant. His primary areas of
expertise include tax changes, macroeconomic research, strategic collaborations, mergers and
acquisitions, outliers in accounting and finance, strategic level auditing, strategic level assurance, and
Greenfield and brownfield projects.

Mr. Kazmi serves as the Non-Executive Director on the board of Fauji Foundation and as a member of
the board of FonGrow. Along with this he also serves on the board of various Fauji Foundation subsidiaries,
Askari Bank Limited, Foundation Power Company Daharki Limited, Foundation Solar Energy
Limited, and Foundation Wind Energy-I & II Limited.

Mr. Kazmi spent 35 years working with KPMG. During this time, he engaged with practically every
industry’s top executives and gained a grasp of their goals, perspectives, and business plans. He was able
to develop and complete strategic value adds for his clients because to his exposure to a wide range of
projects and sectors. He was effective in putting in place a thorough structure for service delivery that
guarantees KPMG’s clients would receive services that are of the highest calibre. As an auditor and a
consultant, Mr. Kazmi successfully provided best-in-class, integrity-driven services. He also ventured into
the field of macroeconomic research with the goal of influencing Pakistan’s fiscal and regulatory policies.

He has held positions on a variety of boards and forums in the public, private, and civil society
organisations. He actively shares his ideas as a thinker through his articles on business, taxation, and
national economics topics and issues, which are often published in various renowned daillies.