Managing Director & CEO, Fauji Foundation

Waqar Ahmed Malik (Nov -2023 b) HD

Mr. Waqar Ahmed Malik

Being the head of Fauji Foundation, I am delighted to be a part of the first organization in Pakistan to focus on corporate agriculture farming. We aim to position Pakistan as an emerging agricultural economy based on modern technologies and expertise.

Fauji Foundation has made significant investments in the national food industry, with operations in multiple sub-industries, including cereals, dairy, and frozen vegetables. Fauji Cereals is the oldest food company, while Fauji Fresh-n-Freeze and Fauji Foods are gaining market share and momentum. In addition to the food industry, FF is Pakistan’s largest fertilizer manufacturer and contributes significantly to the country’s food security.

Fauji Foundation has already made significant investments in the national food scene, including cereals (Fauji Cereals, the oldest food company), dairy (Nurpur), Fauji Foods (pasta), and frozen vegetables and fruits (Fresh-n-Freeze). FF is also Pakistan’s largest fertilizer manufacturer and a major contributor to Pakistan’s food security.

Agriculture and agri-business have been initiated as a strategic initiative to provide Fauji Foundation with an alternative business platform while significantly contributing to meeting Pakistan’s food security needs. The project that FF has launched is aimed at leveraging the world’s best technologies to establish modern agricultural farms over large areas on a corporate model to break the cycle of low productivity and trigger an agricultural revolution in Pakistan.

I am confident that FonGrow will make sterling efforts to achieve the vision set by our principals, and Fauji Foundation will support it every step of the way.