Chairman Committee of Administration Fauji Foundation

Lt. General Muhammed Asim Malik, HI (M), Adjutant General Pakistan Army

Fauji Foundation has been an industry leader working towards the welfare of Retired Servicemen, our
Nation’s Martyr’s families, and the economy for decades. We have seen this conglomerate venture into
the cement and fertilizer industries and pave the way for other organizations to do the same.

Now, we are looking to bring modernization and sustainability to one of the biggest and most important
sectors of Pakistan, the Agricultural sector. Through Corporate Agriculture Farming, we aim to not only
bring over the best farming practices from all over the world but also attempt to trigger an agri-revolution.
Through the modernization of farming practices, efficient water management, research and
development of hybrid seeds, and collaboration between corporate organizations and agri-
entrepreneurs, we are excited to bring food and nutritional security to Pakistan. 

FonGrow is a project of Fauji Foundation through which we aim to bring about this change. My vision for FonGrow is;

“While leveraging on the high-tech agri-facilities and modern practices, develop
large scale corporate farms (100,000 acres) and value added agro-eco system in
order to contribute to food security of Pakistan”.

I am excited for the future of FonGrow and Fauji Foundation and hope to see it reach new heights and
allow other organizations to follow in its footsteps, leading to a more secure and healthy future for the
people of Pakistan.