Managing Director and CEO FonGrow

Major General Tahir Aslam, SI(M), (Retired)

With a broad-spectrum entry into the agro-industry, FonGrow aims to give an advantage to the
population of Pakistan and ensure food security through mass-scale corporate farming. Mechanization
techniques, modern technology, and research and development of hybrid seeds are at the forefront of
our company concept.

With our multi-pronged strategy, we aim to ensure food security through efficient water management
utilizing High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems through which we want to make barren lands across the
country into cultivable lands.

By looking at the global best practices, we aim to create an agri-services support system that will
provide access to technology, modern techniques, expertise, and better seeds to small-scale farmers
across the country, at an economical cost.

Through these efforts, we intend to bring about a positive change in the agricultural landscape of
Pakistan and alleviate the risk of food shortage in the coming years, paving the way for a prosperous,
secure Pakistan for our future generations.